SimCity 2013 Gets A New Life Thanks To A Modding Community

SimCity 2013 Gets A New Life Thanks To A Modding Community

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There has been a lot of flack over the life of SimCity 2013 from everything to do with city size to a terrible launch; but over the last year or so there has been a lot of activity behind the scenes by a very active modding community.

As part of that activity the modding community has reached out to the Twitch streaming community and streamers like Dizzy Dizaster to bring new life to an awesome game (regardless of what some headline hunters might say).

If you ever want to see the new Simcity 2013 make sure to drop by Dizzy’s channel every Friday for his SimCity Friday’s and get to see a great game brought to live or check out Skye Storme’s YouTube Channel for some great SimCity videos.

To help promote the new SimCity the modding community and Dizzy Dizaster have compiled the most current mods that have been created into one downloadable package which you can now download here at Twitch Universe.

Installation NOTE:

  1. Once you have downloaded the package unzip (unrar) into the /SimCityData folder.
  2. Start up SimCity and create a new city.
  3. Save the city without doing anything
  4. Close SimCity totally
  5. Restart the game
  6. Open up your city and all the mods should be active.

Download the most current SimCity ModPack

Mods included in this package (as of July 25, 2014):

  • Akar [Offline Only]
  • Roads With No Traffic Lights [Offline Only]
  • Akar Road Set [Offline Only]
  • Akar Road Decoration [Offline Only]
  • Akar Subway [Offline Only]
  • Roads With No Traffic Light (Regional) [Offline Only]
  • Avalon [Offline Only]
  • Tree Anywhere [Offline Only]
  • All RCI Plop [Offline Only]
  • Omega Pipeline (Regional) [Offline Only]
  • Parklets [Offline Only]
  • Electrical Box [Offline Only]
  • Fire Hydrant [Offline Only]
  • Mailbox [Offline Only]
  • Park Bench [Offline Only]
  • Parking Meter [Offline Only]
  • Large Rocks [Offline Only]
  • Medium Rocks [Offline Only]
  • Small Rocks [Offline Only]
  • Stop Sign Anywhere [Offline Only]
  • Stop Sign Road [Offline Only]
  • Trash Can [Offline Only]
  • Yield Sign Anywhere [Offline Only]
  • Buldozable Regional Paths sv 3
  • Extended Worker Detail Rollover
  • Isometric Camera
  • Coastline and Waterways Tools [Offline Only]
  • Pedestrian Path [Offline Only]
  • Project Orion 3K Extended Boundary [Offline Only]
  • UniDirectional Networks With Yield Signs 17 [Offline Only]
  • Oppie C$$ Burger King
  • Opie C$$ McDonalds
  • Oppie Central Train Station [Offline Only]
  • Oppie Museum [Offline Only]
  • Oppie Public Transport Stops
  • Oppie Railway Center
  • Perfect Road Guides
  • Purple Line Industries Tech Map
  • Realistic Mechanical Bridges

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