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Just to be clear I haven’t played WATCH_DOGS yet, but dgall our main game player here at TU has (look for his thoughts on the game sometime soon – hopefully) so I can’t attest to the veracity of the information that is the basis of this post/opinion.

There is a post up on Kotaku about the fact that there are people playing in the WATCH_DOG world who are using the information that Aiden Pearce gets from his cellphone thanks to the Profiler app to literally hunt down people using that information.

They are not just hunting random people either but rather they are using the information to kill minorities. Yes you read that right folks – hunting down and killing in-game minorities.

News of this happening during earlier beta play but any reference to it was pulled from the web, including videos; but that apparently hasn’t stopped this behavior from continuing.

Now before any of you start pointing fingers at Ubisoft and demand that they stop this from happening you need to understand that there is no way that they can stop it given the game’s open world play style. They are also not responsible for people’s attitudes and behaviors so to expect Ubisoft to be able to do anything about this just shows that you have no clue whatsoever at how gaming works, or in fact how the real world works.

The video at the top is courtesy of the Kotaku post and is called Making The World A Better Place and is just over a minute of someone in the Pearce game character going around killing people based on what the Profiler app tells him about them.

Personally this kind of thing makes me sick to my stomach, regardless of the fact that I am not the least bit surprised that it is happening. I also realize that Ubisoft is really kind of powerless in this situation unless they do some very major code revisions to the game but chances are that wouldn’t stop people like this from doing it all over again.

People who do this type of thing are in my opinion spineless sacks of shit who feel so insecure in their own world that they have to take their hatred to the digital one because that is the only place they have the balls to show their stupidity and lack of humanity.

I also think that people who do sickening shit like this should be found out and publicly humiliated because in reality there is not much more that can be done with these worthless pieces of human garbage that give gamers a black eye and belong in the lowest sewers we can throw them,

This kind of behavior should never be acceptable and if you see anyone behaving this way and doesn’t say or do something about it are on the same level as these scumbags.

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