TWITCH CrowdPlay Heads To Final Fantasy VI

Overwolf’s CrowdPlay Heads To Final Fantasy VI On TWITCH

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Not long ago Twitch made the mainstream tech news blogosphere when it got behind the supposedly great idea of allowing users in a Twitch chat to play Pokemon by issuing simple commands in the chat window.

While probably making the Twitch marketing team orgasm all over the place the real effect was that this “experiment” was crippling to broadcasters on the service.

Granted it took a little while but Twitch finally move the silliness off of the main Twitch chat servers into it’s own little island (where it belonged in the first place) and from there they went on to host followup chat controlled games like Daylight and Dead Nation.

Now on the eve of their live coverage of E3 Twitch has announced a “partnership” type deal with Overwolf where you will be able to once again chatsource another game but this time via CrowdPlay from Overwolf.

The game of choice this time around – Final Fantasy VI; which you can watch and participate in by heading over to the Overwolf livestream.

According to the Twitch post announcing this new “feature” this is a test of a new set of tools by Overwolf which they hope will simplify the process of creating a chatsource livestream, and one that anyone will be able to create.

Uhm … ya … can anyone see a problem with this idea?

Especially considering that if this “new feature” goes forward, experiments like this won’t just be off on their own little island of the Twitch chat servers, but mixed in with all the other broadcasters.

One can only hope that this time around Twitch is better prepared to handle the stress on the chat servers; because if they aren’t, and suddenly you have people like Towelliee and Sodapoppin hopping on the bandwagon (because really why wouldn’t they given that it is perfect idea for numbers whores who will do anything to inflate their popularity); well, simply put – it isn’t going to end pretty.

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