GeForce Experience Gets Updated To 2.1

GeForce Experience Gets Updated To 2.1

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When it comes to streaming there is pretty well only three options: Xsplit, Fsplit, and the favorite of many streamers – OBS. It is also an area that Nvidia has been eying as we have with the entrance of ShadowPlay, which is built-in into it’s 600x series and above graphics cards.

While many streamers might be interested in the possibilities of using ShadowPlay most have had a hands-off attitude as it is still missing many of the features that the serious streamers need.

This hasn’t slowed Nvidia down at all as evidenced by the constant improvements they are making to ShadowPlay with each update to GeForce Experience, which is the interface for using ShadowPlay as well as your supported games and drivers.

So I always keep an eye out for these updates since a few of the streamers I know are just waiting for that magical tipping point where ShadowPlay really becomes a serious option to the current crop of tools available.

Today’s GeForce Experience update to 2.1 one brings some new stuff to the ShadowPlay table that may just bring that tipping point closer. Here’s the release notes from today’s update:

GeForce Experience 2.1 Release Highlights
•    Adds in-game framerate counter
•    Shadow Mode can now be used with desktop capture
•    Adds push-to-talk functionality
•    Extends capture resolution up to 2500 x 1600
•    Improved audio synchronization when editing with Adobe Premier
•    Improved Twitch streaming stability
•    ShadowPlay on/off state now persists across self-update
•    Improves self-update installation speed
•    Various bug fixes

It’s getting there guys, it’s getting there.

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